Furious Birds

Without question, furious flying creatures is the most well known game for Android. What’s more, she merits it. Your errand on irate fowls is to dispatch a wide assortment of feathered creatures on a structure that contains various focuses with extra focuses for obliterating the whole structure with as meager winged animals as would be prudent. Presently, in the event that you have not played before deduction, “sounds equivalent to many different games I’ve attempted previously.” But once you’ve attempted it, you will see how fun and addictive this game is and don’t stress – you won’t total this game at any point in the near future.


  • Over 120 energizing levels.
  • Smooth great designs.
  • Free updates containing new levels.

Worth Getting?

Truly! Irate Bird form of Android is totally free (to the detriment of promoting), so certainly download. Tremendous ubiquity and achievement of this game shows how great this game is. Attempt it, you wont be baffled.

  • Defense Robo –

I’ve generally been a major aficionado of tower barrier games. I feel great and I will play for a considerable length of time to get far. Be that as it may, not at all like most games tower barrier, guard Robo is one of the individuals who hold returning to you – for a long time. This isn’t a similar nonexclusive style of other commonplace pinnacle guard games.

So what’s going on here?

I attempted this utilizing the free form, which welcomed me with a guide, one opening and one exit, and a progression of towers to browse. In spite of the fact that this form has been fairly restricted ongoing interaction, it absolutely appeared as though it merited paying £ 2.99 full form. This has given me huge amounts of various degree of trouble of the new towers and furthermore an assortment of grants that you win.

120 levels!

The entire game has 40 levels to battle through three unique maps will give you an aggregate of 120 levels. As each level has a term of 15-30 minutes, Robo should play guard exceptionally prolonged stretch of time before its finishing. To add replayability to the game and each time you win or lose the purposes of the game that you have given to you whenever you play. This permits you to purchase updates for the towers, on the following game. coinmasterfreespinsz.com

As I referenced before – there are an assortment of accomplishments you can procure playing. This could be something as straightforward as the base degree of multiple times or something considerably more troublesome as winning the level without updating a solitary round. A few people believe that these accomplishments exhausting and not worth the exertion. Yet, others, similar to me, discover these give the game somewhat more profundity, it gives you a bonus to point.


  • 40 Levels
  • 3 Maps
  • Achievements
  • Free Demo


Without question, it is helpful to have a free form. Regardless of whether you arn’t certain in the event that you love the round of tower safeguard – you should watch that. On the off chance that you have attempted the pinnacle barrier games previously and appreciated nearly as much as I do, I suggest purchasing the full form of Robo Defense for £ 2.99.

  • Glow Hockey- –

Gleam Hockey carries an entirely different point of view to the game pong ordinary. Here brilliant hues blended in with speedy activity to make another retro style Air Hockey Thurs It is anything but difficult to play yet very hard to ace, as great air hockey. The best part is that not normal for the iPhone rendition – it’s totally free.


  • Realistic material science.
  • 4 Difficultys
  • Colorful shine illustrations
  • Smooth interactivity
  • 4 Different Paddles and Pucks


Shine Hockey is outwardly exceptionally delightful and has a smooth ongoing interaction. Of course, there’s loads of it – you need to shield the entryway attempting to get the record that the subsequent target. In any case, it is fairly addictive and extraordinary enjoyment. It ‘a disgrace, since it has no multiplayer, in contrast to the iPhone adaptation, however in any event this rendition is free. Fare thee well, likely sick of it following a day or two, yet up to that point isn’t awful.